New hats for Autumn :)

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. It has been a lazy weekend for us, well for me, not so my other half. I had a sore back yesterday so I took it easy. My other half built us two bed side tables out of old pallets. He was very productive! The bed side tables are awesome.

Today we have been on a walk (the back is a lot less sore today) and now we are about to play a board game. A perfect Sunday.

Knitting wise I was in a bit of a conondrum earlier in the week. I was at a loss as to what to knit. I hadn’t lost my mojo I just didn’t know what to make. So my other half requested a hat. He specifically asked for the same pattern that I knit him last year but in blue. So I pulled out the Barley hat patternย and he pulled out some blue DK yarn and off I went. An evening later and he had a new hat to keep his ears warm this winter. Following the success of his I decided to make another one, this one for me. For this one (also with the Barley pattern) I used leftover sock yarn from this pair of socksย and some random purple sock yarn and held them double. The result was a lovely autumnal hat which will keep my ears warm this autumn/ winter. Here they are ๐Ÿ™‚ Both modeled by my other half.

Following the hat knitting I cast on a pair of socks in Regia Arne and Carlos wool and I also started a sampler blanket in purple aran weight yarn. Yer… remember a while back I swore never to knit another blanket that involved seaming… well it seems I forgot that when I cast this on! Oh well. For this blanket I am knitting squares using random stitch patterns. I am using a book entitled 400 knitting stitches (should keep me busy). The aim is that it will be a throw for our bed… the reality is it will probably be a lap blanket or a baby blanket. Whatever it turns out to be, I love the first two squares! More on that soon, now it is game time.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


I am in love…. with a pair of socks!

Hello all,

I admit it. The title of the post is true. I have fallen head over heels with a pair of socks. Am I mad? Well most non knitters would say yes, however, most knitters would think this is perfectly normal. You can make your mind up when you see them! I mentioned these the other week (see here) and I have finally got around to finishing them. So here it is, you can now make up your mind as to whether I am insane or normal for loving these socks!

IMGP0177 IMGP0179

They were made from two types of regia. I used the grey for the ribbing, heel and toe for a sense of continuity. I think they are super. My boyfriends sister wants them. I think I might hide them the next time she visits, just in case! For now, I will put them on my feet as much as possible (in this summer it shouldn’t be hard!). I might even make myself a pair of short socks for the summer time ๐Ÿ™‚

I will leave you to admire these socks/ run away thinking I am crazy. I will be back soon with some sewing and some more knitting ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a lovely week everyone!

New socks in the works

Evening all,

I hope you are all well and have been having a better time weather wise than us! I finished the hat I posted about the other day (I will blog that soon) and little did I know that I would be wearing it. I can’t believe I had to wear a woolly hat in July! I was down in Devon for a few days and we had a fair few rainy days where it was quite chilly. Brr! Thankfully the sun has returned and it feels a little more like July/ very almost August. But anyway, enough rambling….. let us move on to the topic of this post!

After finishing my hat I decided to cast on a new pair of socks. As knitting goes I found some beautiful spots to knit.


The first spot I found happened to be a lovely quiet spot on the beach. Soon after this I put down my sock and went for a swim/ kayak in the sea. Doesn’t it look blissful? How I wish I could be back there now. Sitting and listening to the waves crashing on the rocks whilst knitting a few rows.


A few days later I found another spot to knit, the bank of a river. I didn’t go kayaking this time as I had a sore back, but I didn’t mind sitting on the bank of the river knitting. The socks are made up of two different yarns. I am doing two row stripes. One is a grey (regia 4 fadig) and the other is comprised of a multitude of colours (regia random stripe). I only had one ball of each so decided to stripe them. The cuff, heel and toe are in the grey.

Since this photo I have finished the first sock and started the second. I love how they are turning out. I have already had a couple of requests for a similar pair. I don’t mind though because it is good fun seeing how they work up, they also don’t take that long either which is nice. I also quite enjoy knitting socks! Do you like knitting socks?

I will be back soon with my finished hat and hopefully a finished pair of socks!

Happy crafting!