Finished projects

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of finished projects to share with you today. Both of which I finished a week or so back, but it took me a while to get the photos together to show you. First up is a baby cardigan I knitted for a friend to give to her friend at a baby shower. The mother to be absolutely loves rainbows, she is obsessed with bright colours. So me and my friend conspired and it was decided that I should make her a rainbow baby cardigan. She is having a little boy (due October) and we knew she would love this. I raided my acrylic stash and used the 3-6 month size of this pattern and this was the result!


Suitably bright and colourful. She has received it now and apparently she loves it.

Second FO I have to share with you today is a pair of socks. I made these recently as the colours reminded me of Autumn. I have worn them a couple of times now and I love the colours. Very autumnal I think.


I am making good progress with the pair of socks I shared with you last time, these will be a Christmas present so plenty of time to get them finished!

Happy crafting 🙂


Finished and new socks…

Hello everyone,

How is it going? Are you glad it is the weekend? I certainly am! I have had a very busy week at work and I am now looking forward to some chill time. Most importantly of course… some crafting time!

Despite the busyness I have managed to get some knitting in. First up, I finished the monster blender socks for my other half. As soon as I had finished these and woven in all of the ends (so many ends!!) he had them on his feet. I am taking that as a sign that he likes them! Here they are. I am happy with them, aside from I think some of the colour changes are a bit obvious, he doesn’t mind and I guess they are leftover socks, so maybe I shouldn’t mind either!


Once I had those off of the needles I quickly cast on another pair of socks (it would seem I can’t not have socks on the needles). The socks I cast on are a pair of boot socks using my rainbow hand dyed DK yarn. I am loving how these are looking so far and I can’t wait to be wearing them (am I the only knitter who is always ten steps ahead in my mind… my hands can’t keep up!).IMG_0470


There are some very satisfying colours going on in these socks, they are most definitely going to look super.

I haven’t given up on my second Lush cardigan by the way. The lace panel is blocking as we speak. As soon as that is dry I will be carrying on with the body.

Until next time lovely crafters. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Dyeing adventures take three

Hello everyone,

How is it going? All has been good here, although I am still waiting for summer to arrive in our little corner of the UK. Our vegetable patch needs some work, but sadly with all of the rain we have been having, it has been feeling a little neglected. Oh well, saves on the watering!

Whilst we have been having all of this rainy weather, I have been partaking in some yarn dyeing. I am today going to share with you my latest skeins of yarn.

I recently decided I wanted to make another lush cardigan (first one here). But not only did I decide that, I decided that I wanted to dye the yarn for it! Nuts right? Well nuts as it may be, I excitedly ordered 500g of undyed worsted weight yarn and some new dyes. I ordered some Wilton’s food colouring gel. As this is a new to me dye, I decided to get some practice in before I tried to dye 500g of yarn! Sensible I thought…. plus it means more time to play with dye. So I bought two 50g balls of superwash wool (DK) in the clearance section, got out the dyes, pots, citric acid and gloves and off I went.

I decided on six colours in the end (I added one after this photo). The colours I went with were green, orange, blue, red, yellow and then I added some purple. I used the same method as when I dyed with kool aid in that I soaked the yarn in water before starting, then put the yarn into new water (this time with added citric acid, about 1.5 tsp) and then dropped dyes on top. I then warmed it up for about 30 minutes, let it cool and then washed it out. I then hung it up to dry and this was the result


Excuse the messy skeins… I found it hard to skein these with the ties attached for some reason!

I am really pleased with them. The skeins are different, but they have the same colours running through them. I am going to turn these into walking boot socks. I know they don’t have nylon in, so won’t be as hard wearing as they could be… but they will be perfect for walking boots and I know I will get some good use out of them 😀

Now I am all practiced… onto the 500 g sweater weight! This will at least be one colour (purple)… I will let you know how I get on soon!

Rainbow baby

So today I am going to bring you some knitting. This was a project (well three to be precise) I made in the Autumn of last year for a friends baby, my friend is due any day now so I just had to share this with you! I lived with her during my undergraduate degree and we have remained good friends, so whatever I made her, I knew it had to be special. My friend and her husband are not of the traditional sort, so I knew I could take advantage of this to create an amazingly bright colour palette that would just be perfect. So I turned to a bright (almost) rainbow, using a variety of colours from the Sirdar Snuggly DK range and a few free patterns from Ravelry (Chevron baby blanket by Espace Tricot, Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker and socks from the Baby and toddler knits book), the following pictures show the finished articles.




The result? She absolutely loves it! I posted it to her last week and she is over the moon, her and her husband think it is great, and me? I found it hard to part with as I loved it so much, really can’t wait to see a little bundle of joy making the most of these knitted goodies.