Finished Eiger socks

Hello everyone,

I recently posted a cast on about a new pair of socks, using the new Stylecraft sock yarn (Head over heels in the Eiger colourway). These socks are to be a gift at Christmas. The recipient of these socks has the same size feet as me so I could follow my usual recipe. I cast on 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles. For these though I added a twisted rib pattern down the leg instead of my usual plain sock.

Here they are!

The yarn itself was a pleasure to work with. The eiger colourway had a long colour repeat on it. Drifting from blue to pink to blue, to green and to white. I also bought another colourway of this yarn, I am looking forward to knitting it up. It has a shorter colour change than this yarn did.

Up next I am venturing away from socks temporarily. I am going to make my other half a new hat. The cooler weather is coming and he has asked for a new hat, so a new hat he shall get!



Hand dyed Lush cardigan – FO

Hello everyone,

Today I finally have the photos of my finished hand dyed Lush cardigan. This has been finished for weeks but it took me a little while to get it blocked and photographed. I finally persuaded my other half to come and take some photos of me wearing it and the light was almost obliging. I dyed the yarn back in June and cast it on as soon as it was dry enough for me to do so. The pattern I used was Lush by Tin Can Knits, I have knit this once before and I absolutely love the pattern.


This colour is rather tricky to photograph, especially with the pattern showing. But take it is a mixture of purples from the light to the dark. I made it a little longer than my last one and I am super happy with the fit of it.

So what colour next? I now have a blue one and a purple one!


What is on my needles?

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share with you what is on my needles. I currently have two projects on the go. A pair of gloves which will be a Christmas gift for my other half and a pair of Autumnal socks for me.

First up, the gloves! As I mentioned a week back, my poor other half has been waiting over a year for these gloves. I finally got around to starting them and they are coming together nicely. One of the two is done.


I adapted this pattern by adding four extra stitches, knitting in worsted weight as opposed to DK and adding full fingers as opposed to fingerless ones. You would not believe how much I struggled to find a suitable pattern for these, hence the adaptations! I have so far made only one, and after losing the pattern and then finding it again (I really should have gotten these into my Ravelry projects page from the start) I will soon be starting the second one!

Also on the needles is a pair of Autumnal socks for myself. These are made using my standard pattern (cast on 60, a bit of k1p1, knit until I decide its long enough, a heel flap/ gusset heel and knit to the toes). My mum bought me this yarn a few months ago (Austermann step) and I thought it was quite Autumnal, so what better time to cast it on? This sock does now have a toe and its mate is in progress!


I hope you are managing to get some knitting time in. It will very soon be the season for knitted goods!


Summer kniting!

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Following an unscheduled summer blog break I am back to tell you all about what I have been knitting over that time. First up, how was your summer holiday? Are you looking forward to autumn (swap those seasons if you are down under!). We had a lovely summer here. Nice and relaxing but at the same time to much travelling. We spent lots of time flitting up to Scotland or down to London. I also had a birthday in the middle of it and I got some lovely yarny gifts. I will share those with you soon too.

So what have I been knitting? Well I am going to keep you in suspense picture wise for a little longer, but I will tell you about them now.

So first up and most exciting (for me anyway) I finished my hand dyed Lush. Remember this wool?


Well that has now been turned into a lovely cardigan. It is still waiting to be blocked so once that has happened I will share photos with you all. I must get that done before the light runs away from us! Dark winter days are not ideal for photos.

As well as that I have knitted a baby cardigan for a friend to take to a baby shower, post baby shower I will share that with you. I have started knitting a pair of gloves for my other half (so far he has one). These gloves will go with this hat that I made him a while back.


The poor man has been waiting over a year for these and he is not getting them till Christmas either! They are just a basic glove pattern with fingers (so many ends) knit to a very tight gauge.

Finally I have been knitting some socks (where would this blog be without socks). The yarn I have been using is very autumnal, very fitting for the upcoming season.

Right, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I will be back next week to share with you some photos of this knitting! Right now I am going back to bed to read my book. The weather is abysmal outside and I have a feeling that today is going to involve some reading, some knitting, some films and a blanket!

Happy crafting 🙂

Finished hiking boot socks.

Hello everyone,

How is it going?

I have a FO to share with you today. Remember by rainbow dyed wool? Well yesterday I finished them up! They are super colourful and I love them. I dyed 100g of DK weight wool in a range of colours to test out some new dyes, and I thought what better way to use the wool than to make rainbow socks for my feet. I am off for a walk tomorrow so I will be wearing these in my boots, can’t wait!

I improvised a pattern and I used about 75g of the wool. I cast on 48 stitches onto 3mm needles and knit until I liked the cuff length, I then turned the heel and knit until the toe. Nothing special, but I think the wool speaks for itself.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am seeing relatives so I am not sure how much knitting I will be getting done, but I hope it will be at least a little bit.

Happy crafting.

WIP update

Hi everyone,

What glorious weather we are having in the UK. It is a little on the warm side but I am not going to complain. A few sleepless nights and hot days are worth it to finally see some of summer! It has meant a little less knitting time though, but I have managed to get some done. I have some updates on some hand dyed yarn, they are slowly turning into projects. Want to see?

Well I have been working on two projects (both with hand dyed yarn), one is a pair of socks, and so far they have gone from this… to this:

I am about to start the heel on the second sock, DK yarn certainly makes for speedy socks!

The second hand dyed project I have been working on is my second Lush cardigan (pattern by TinCanKnits). I am super excited about this project. I started off by dyeing five skeins of yarn purple (my favourite colour), and watching it work up is awesome!

So far my yarn is turning from this… to this:

I have worked and blocked the lace panel, I have picked up and knit the colour and I am now working down the body. I am about to divide for the arms. I have a long train journey coming up so I am planning to make a decent dent in the st-st body whilst on the train. It will be perfect train knitting and I hope to get a good bit done!

I hope you are enjoying the weather everyone. I am off now to make a lemon tart to take to a friends house tomorrow (she is making the dinner, I am making the pudding) and then I am going to go and flop in the garden with a book.

Happy crafting!

Yarn dyeing attempt 4 – purple!

Hello everyone,

So as promised I am back with my next attempt at yarn dyeing! I mentioned to you last time that I got some new dyes, and that I wanted to dye enough yarn for another Lush cardigan. Well, I got my dye pots back out, some wiltons violet and progel rainbow dust purple and I set to work.

A few hours of winding, dyeing and rinsing later… I ended up with five skeins in a colour I am ecstatic with. A few days of drying later and I can finally share with you the finished product! Here it is… see below for the dyeing details.



There you have it… five skeins of purple yarn!

So the details. Well I started off with Cascade 220 superwash in the winter white colourway. This comes in balls, so I wound it off into skeins by wrapping it around my table. I then soaked each skein in warm water until fully saturated (about 30 minutes).

After it was soaked, I put about one litre of warm water into a large pot, I then added a teaspoon of citric acid, 1/2 teaspoon wilton’s violet and half a teaspoon of progel rainbow dust purple. I then mixed it all up before adding the presoaked yarn. I prodded it around for a little to make sure the dye got to all parts of the yarn.I then simmered it for 30 minutes until the water was clear. Once clear, I drained the yarn and rinsed with warm water for a few minutes. I then hung it up to dry. I repeated this for the rest of the skeins and then waited patiently for them to dry. Until I ended up with the above 😀

I am now balling the first skein up so that I can start my Lush. I will alternate these skeins when I am knitting as they are variegated, as is the nature of hand dyed yarn. Happy, happy days 😀