Finished Eiger socks

Hello everyone,

I recently posted a cast on about a new pair of socks, using the new Stylecraft sock yarn (Head over heels in the Eiger colourway). These socks are to be a gift at Christmas. The recipient of these socks has the same size feet as me so I could follow my usual recipe. I cast on 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles. For these though I added a twisted rib pattern down the leg instead of my usual plain sock.

Here they are!

The yarn itself was a pleasure to work with. The eiger colourway had a long colour repeat on it. Drifting from blue to pink to blue, to green and to white. I also bought another colourway of this yarn, I am looking forward to knitting it up. It has a shorter colour change than this yarn did.

Up next I am venturing away from socks temporarily. I am going to make my other half a new hat. The cooler weather is coming and he has asked for a new hat, so a new hat he shall get!



A finished rabbit

Hello everyone,

As it is the first day of Spring officially in the UK, I thought I would share with you my finished Spring related project, a little bunny I am gifting to my mum for Easter.

The rabbit was made following the pattern by fuzzymitten available here. I followed the pattern for the long ears, and I chose to knit a dress. I added a little pompom tail and a little ribbon. I also added little black shoes with laces.

The yarn is debbie bliss cashmerino in ecru and black. It is ridiculously soft and a pleasure to work with!

I am really happy with how she turned out. She was quick to make and I think she turned out quite adorable. What do you think?


I chose a spring like colour for her dress, made up using some leftover sock yarn. I used the same yarn for her bow. IMG_9877

This view shows off her pom pom tail and her floppy ears.

I am over the moon with how she turned out, and I hope my mum is too.

A quick baby hat

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope you have lots of lovely crafting filling your life currently. I still have two projects on the go (my hand dyed socks and my crochet ripple), but I quickly whipped up a baby hat. This hat is to go with the elephant I knitted for my friends baby (due in March).

I very vaguely followed this pattern in the newborn size. However, I didn’t do the ribbed brim, I did a rolled brim by just knitting all of the stitches from the beginning. I think a rolled brim adds a certain cuteness to baby hats, and it means it should fit for a while longer. I needed to knit this yarn in a vaguely gender neutral colour as they haven’t found out what they are having. I decided to use some yarn I had leftover from my autumn blanket. The yarn is Sirdar Crofter in the bracken colourway. It is mainly green/ cream but it has bits of purple in it. I thought this would be a great colour to make the hat in, and I had spare yarn. The hat was an easy knit and knitted up in an hour or so. Nice and easy TV knitting. So here it is.


I think this and the elephant should make a good gift. I am going to pass it over to her either tomorrow or Friday. I hope she likes it! My next knitting plans are to get my hand dyed socks finished so that I can cast on some for my other half. He is sad he only has three pairs. His feet are big! Anyone else know what I mean?