Head over heels… I certainly am!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your Friday evening and are making the most of your weekend. We have settled down to an evening of gardeners world and bake off extra slice. Blissful. A part of this Friday night bliss is the knitting. What kind of relaxing night would it be without a project on the go? Well I recently finished a project (blog will follow as soon as I photo) so I needed something else to cast on. I recently saw the Stylecraft had released a new line of sock yarn (called Head over Heels). They have released six different shades and I splashed out on two of them. Eiger a wonderful blend of blues, purples, pinks, whites and greens and Everest, a beautiful mixture of greens, blues, purples, yellows and reds. I debated about which to cast on first and in the end I chose Eiger. Happy days! Watch this space for a finished sock, I can’t see it will be long. This yarn is a pleasure to work with and the colour changes make you want to knit quicker to see the next one. Perfect!



Finished object Friday

Hello everyone,

Another weekend is upon us. This week has flown by for me, so I am surprised but delighted to see this weekend. I have a couple of finished objects to share with you today. The first you have seen before and heard the story, the second is just something I cast on on a whim and am sharing with you for the first time.

So first up, you may recall me mentioning that I was tasked with making two pairs of socks by the end of February. This task was only given to me three weeks ago, and I am delighted to be able to share with you two finished pairs of socks! Both pairs were made using scrap yarn, so I am not sure what they are. One pair is a UK size 10, the other is a UK size 4. They will be heading of to their new home soon. Here they are.


I am very pleased with how the came out. My favourites are the orange/ green ones. Next up as a sock recipient is my other half. I have the wool picked out so will get these started this weekend.

The second FO I have to share with you today is something you hadn’t heard of. Last weekend the weather was terrible and I decided that I wanted to knit something instantly gratifying (something men’s socks/ single bed size blanket were not), so I picked on a baby cardigan. The pattern I chose was the Lillie baby cardigan¬†and I used some aran weight yarn from my stash. The pattern has a lovely lace element and it was so quick to knit up. I made it in about 4 hours. Perfect, quick, gratification project! This little cardigan has gone into my stash of pre-knitted gifts. I am at the age now where my friends are having children, so I am sure it won’t be long before this is gifted. I picked out three lilac buttons from my button collection as I thought they were a perfect colour for this grey. The cardigan is sized 0-3 months. I made it a little longer than the pattern and I did short arms in the hope that it fits for a little longer. Here it is.


My works in progress are now at only one (my attic 24 ripple blanket), so to rectify this I think I am going to cast on a hat this weekend, as well as my other halves socks. What are your crafting plans for the weekend?