Finished Eiger socks

Hello everyone,

I recently posted a cast on about a new pair of socks, using the new Stylecraft sock yarn (Head over heels in the Eiger colourway). These socks are to be a gift at Christmas. The recipient of these socks has the same size feet as me so I could follow my usual recipe. I cast on 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles. For these though I added a twisted rib pattern down the leg instead of my usual plain sock.

Here they are!

The yarn itself was a pleasure to work with. The eiger colourway had a long colour repeat on it. Drifting from blue to pink to blue, to green and to white. I also bought another colourway of this yarn, I am looking forward to knitting it up. It has a shorter colour change than this yarn did.

Up next I am venturing away from socks temporarily. I am going to make my other half a new hat. The cooler weather is coming and he has asked for a new hat, so a new hat he shall get!



Finished projects

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of finished projects to share with you today. Both of which I finished a week or so back, but it took me a while to get the photos together to show you. First up is a baby cardigan I knitted for a friend to give to her friend at a baby shower. The mother to be absolutely loves rainbows, she is obsessed with bright colours. So me and my friend conspired and it was decided that I should make her a rainbow baby cardigan. She is having a little boy (due October) and we knew she would love this. I raided my acrylic stash and used the 3-6 month size of this pattern and this was the result!


Suitably bright and colourful. She has received it now and apparently she loves it.

Second FO I have to share with you today is a pair of socks. I made these recently as the colours reminded me of Autumn. I have worn them a couple of times now and I love the colours. Very autumnal I think.


I am making good progress with the pair of socks I shared with you last time, these will be a Christmas present so plenty of time to get them finished!

Happy crafting 🙂

Crochet ripple goodness

Hello everyone.

I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. It could have been a little kinder to me as so far it has just given me a rotten cold and a leaking fish tank! Oh well, it could be a lot worse. The cold will get better and the fish now have a new tank to call home.

Today I thought I would share with you a new project that I have on the hook, yes that is right, the hook… not needles. Today I am sharing some crochet with you. By nature I am a knitter and crochet is an alien craft to me. I dabble in it, but not enough to make something with any form of skill. Well to me, the project I am doing now requires lots of skill, although I am fairly sure that for you seasoned crocheters this is something you could do in your sleep! So, for Christmas I received a yarn pack (cottage colourway) along with a pattern for a crochet ripple blanket.


Look at all that gorgeous yarn! Isn’t it lovely?

Both the colour pack and the pattern were designed by Attic 24. So a few days after Christmas I cast on (what is the crochet equivalent for this?) and with a lot of help from the Attic 24 tutorial (link here) I now have ripples forming. Yay! (Seasoned crocheters…. don’t study the stitches too closely!)


Despite the tutorial I had a slow start. My first 2 colours and half of the third (each colour has two rows – colours are repeated again later in the blanket) I did wrong and they don’t ripple properly. I was ignoring the fact that I was increasing/ decreasing stitches and wasn’t using them to crochet in. But anyway, despite the issues at the beginning…. I am now rippling happily away and I am on my eighth colour. Happy days!


Look at that ripple goodness!

I am sure you will be seeing more of this over the next few weeks/ months. It is a pleasure to work on, although I think I might have a long way to go before I can class myself as a crocheter!

Happy Christmas!

I hope wherever you are in the world, and, however, you celebrate that you have a really lovely day. For me today is about spending time with my family. Although…. the food isn’t bad either! I thought today I would share with you some pictures of some homemade Christmas ornaments. Some sewn and some made out of beach glass. Then later in the week I will be back to share with you some more of the presents I made, but couldn’t share on here!


Happy Christmas once more!

Gingerbread houses!

Hello everyone,

A step away from the knitting/ sewing today towards the baking! I have been watching a lot of Christmas cookery programmes and myself and my other half were inspired to get our bake on. We decided to make gingerbread houses…. not one but five little ones. We had a search on the internet and found this recipe by Mary Berry. The recipe was for one house, but we hoped there would be enough to make five small ones.

We first of all designed a template….


We then made a big mess of the kitchen (I will spare you the photos of that!!)…. and then over two days we came out with these!


They certainly aren’t the neatest gingerbread houses in the world, but we had a lot of fun making them and they taste delicious!I think next time though we would maybe just stuck to one!

Busy in Santa’s workshop

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all looking forward to the holiday 🙂 If you are anything like me though you will be ignoring the fact that it is a week tomorrow as you will be buried in crafting projects/ shopping/ being busy! Today I have a few Christmas knits to share with you, none of the recipients know about my blog so I am free to share with you!

The first of these is a knitted toy raccoon that was requested. The recipient found the pattern in a magazine (the Prima magazine to be exact) and thought it was really sweet and asked me to make it. She requested that it be in the yarn shown in the magazine (debbie bliss cashmerino DK). The pattern was a bit strange, and unless requested to I probably wouldn’t make it again. It was all knitted flat, with the body and the head knitted as one long piece… from the bottom of the back up to the top of the head and then down to the bottom of the body. It was all a bit weird, but it did end up looking like the picture, so I guess that is good at least! The yarn was a dream to work with, so soft! Thankfully I doubt it will need much washing as I am not sure how that yarn would hold up to a trip in the washing machine, but as the recipient is an adult with no children, I think it will be okay. So, without further ado…. here is the finished raccoon.


I couldn’t get his face to look right whatever I did, so he ended up with button eyes. As he isn’t for a child this is fine. The ribbon around him adds a nice festive touch don’t you think?

Right the next Christmas gift I have finished (well actually gifts) is a hat and mitten set. This is for my brother’s girlfriend. I didn’t know what to get her so I decided to make a nice chunky bobble hat, and with the leftover wool I made some matching mittens. I used katia peru yarn (a delightful mix of wool, acrylic and alpaca) and my gosh is it soft! The hat itself used a ball and a bit. I got the hat out of a ball, but the bobble used up some of the next ball! The mittens used the remaining yarn. The hat is so warm and I hope it will be well received, even if our weirdly warm weather doesn’t allow her to wear the set for a while! So…. here they are!


I hope you are almost done with your Christmas crafting!  I will be back soon to share some more festive joy with you 🙂

Reindeer socks

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. I thought I would share a WIP with you today. I have a pair of socks on the go which I am working on when I get time between gift knitting. The socks I am making are a pattern I have wanted to make for ages and I am glad to finally get around to doing it and I hope I get them down in time for Christmas! They are Christmas related. I have so far got one of them finished, I just hope I can get the second one done in time….. it isn’t even started yet!

The pattern is Reindeer socks by Sandra Jager (ravelry link here).

Here is my first sock, I can’t wait for its friend!