Summer kniting!

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Following an unscheduled summer blog break I am back to tell you all about what I have been knitting over that time. First up, how was your summer holiday? Are you looking forward to autumn (swap those seasons if you are down under!). We had a lovely summer here. Nice and relaxing but at the same time to much travelling. We spent lots of time flitting up to Scotland or down to London. I also had a birthday in the middle of it and I got some lovely yarny gifts. I will share those with you soon too.

So what have I been knitting? Well I am going to keep you in suspense picture wise for a little longer, but I will tell you about them now.

So first up and most exciting (for me anyway) I finished my hand dyed Lush. Remember this wool?


Well that has now been turned into a lovely cardigan. It is still waiting to be blocked so once that has happened I will share photos with you all. I must get that done before the light runs away from us! Dark winter days are not ideal for photos.

As well as that I have knitted a baby cardigan for a friend to take to a baby shower, post baby shower I will share that with you. I have started knitting a pair of gloves for my other half (so far he has one). These gloves will go with this hat that I made him a while back.


The poor man has been waiting over a year for these and he is not getting them till Christmas either! They are just a basic glove pattern with fingers (so many ends) knit to a very tight gauge.

Finally I have been knitting some socks (where would this blog be without socks). The yarn I have been using is very autumnal, very fitting for the upcoming season.

Right, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I will be back next week to share with you some photos of this knitting! Right now I am going back to bed to read my book. The weather is abysmal outside and I have a feeling that today is going to involve some reading, some knitting, some films and a blanket!

Happy crafting 🙂


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