Finished and new socks…

Hello everyone,

How is it going? Are you glad it is the weekend? I certainly am! I have had a very busy week at work and I am now looking forward to some chill time. Most importantly of course… some crafting time!

Despite the busyness I have managed to get some knitting in. First up, I finished the monster blender socks for my other half. As soon as I had finished these and woven in all of the ends (so many ends!!) he had them on his feet. I am taking that as a sign that he likes them! Here they are. I am happy with them, aside from I think some of the colour changes are a bit obvious, he doesn’t mind and I guess they are leftover socks, so maybe I shouldn’t mind either!


Once I had those off of the needles I quickly cast on another pair of socks (it would seem I can’t not have socks on the needles). The socks I cast on are a pair of boot socks using my rainbow hand dyed DK yarn. I am loving how these are looking so far and I can’t wait to be wearing them (am I the only knitter who is always ten steps ahead in my mind… my hands can’t keep up!).IMG_0470


There are some very satisfying colours going on in these socks, they are most definitely going to look super.

I haven’t given up on my second Lush cardigan by the way. The lace panel is blocking as we speak. As soon as that is dry I will be carrying on with the body.

Until next time lovely crafters. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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