A finished rainbow baby blanket

Hello everyone,

How are you? You may or may not remember that a couple of months back I started a blanket using leftovers from my attic 24 ripple blanket. I used eleven colours from my leftovers from the Attic 24 blanket (original pack was the cottage yarn pack). I used the pattern from this project on ravelry, adapting it slightly to my own use. In this case I did cast on 120 stitches, did a 5 row garter border at the start and end of the blanket, a 5 stitch garter border around the end, and I did each colour for 6 rows. Five rows of st st and one row of k1,p1. I repeated each of my colours four times. I have been working on this slowly in between other projects, and this is what I have ended up with! A nice soft, brightly coloured blanket for an baby to be decided!

I am really happy with it. I love the colours and I hope it will be well loved by a little one! It helped me get rid of some of my leftovers, but I do still have some left!!


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