A project bag and some monsters

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? We had a very rainy Sunday so we decided it was most definitely an indoor day. So whilst my other half kept himself busy with various bits and bobs I dusted off my sewing machine. I decided to use some of my leftovers to make a project bag. I had a search and found this pattern. I picked three fabrics and off I went. It took me a couple of hours (I definitely won’t be on the great British sewing bee any time soon), but at the end of it I ended up with a bag I was very happy with:

It stands up on its own and it fits my current sock project, another pair of monsters, this time in a variety of greens/ blues/ yellows and reds. They are for my other half, he picked the colours. I am so far zooming through the cuff. They are a simple vanilla sock pattern of my own creation, 72 stitches cast on to 2.5mm needles and go from there. I am following the blender sock pattern that I followed for my last monsters. Here they are so far:


I love seeing how the next colour will turn out, I can’t see these taking long to finish! I may, however, change my mind when I get to the never ending foot.

I hope you are all having a lovely week 🙂


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