Elderflower cordial

Hello everyone,

How are you all? I have been suffering under that common phrase ‘time flies’. My gosh has time flown by, can you believe it is the 1st June tomorrow? The weather can’t, it is absolutely chucking it down here and it has been all day. I have been hardening some vegetable plants off, I am not sure they appreciated the deluge that was today. Hey ho, I guess they have to get used to it at some point!

Anyway, on to the topic of today’s post. Last week myself and my other half decided we wanted to bottle the taste of spring/ early summer, and as such we set out to make elderflower cordial. We followed the recipe contained here, we made a couple of adaptions, these were include more elderflower heads (we used 42) and use less sugar (we used 1.5kg – it was still very sweet).

So first up we had to go and collect the elderflowers. It was the beginning of the season when we went to get them, but there were still plenty around and on a variety of bushes. We picked a couple from each so as not to deplete the bushes supply, thus reducing the amount for insects/ reducing the amount of elderberries available later in the year. Want to see what an elderflower looks like? Well here is a photo of one that we used.


We are lucky enough to live near lots of green spaces and there were plenty of flowers on offer. If you want to make this yourself, first of all don’t pick any near roads as this will taint the delicate flavour. Also smell the flower before you pick, you want it to smell of citrus, some smell distinctly unpleasant!IMG_0201

Whilst we were picking we came across a little surprise! The fella in the picture above appeared out of one of the bushes we were eyeing up for potential elderflowers. I don’t know who was more surprised, him, me or my other half! Either way, he was a very friendly chap and we stopped to give him a good stroke before continuing on our way.

After we collected enough flowers, we then made our way home and started the making process. The recipe is quick and easy to follow, and before long we had our elderflowers steeping happily in the sugary/ lemony liquid.


Following a little over 24 hours of steeping we strained and bottled just under 3 litres of the delicious cordial. We can attest that is tastes amazing diluted with water and soda water. Yum! We are definitely going to be making another batch soon 😀


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