Some new socks!

Hello everyone?

How are you? It has been a while since I have written here. Life has been a bit hectic, mainly a good hectic. I have graduated from my PhD, I have been on holiday to Devon and the inlaws have visited. I have, however, been ill, that was less exciting. We have also built and painted a fence for our vegetable patch. Once we have got the final coat of paint on I will share with you how we did it and the finished project.

Anyway, on with the knitting! I sadly haven’t had time for much crafting, bit I have finished a pair of socks. These are socks you haven’t seen before. They were a bit of a late idea for a birthday present. I knitted them in less than a week, they were DK boot socks so they worked up fairly quickly. They were requested and he wanted them to be dark grey. So, I reluctantly obliged…. up to the toe when I broke away from the instructions and added some blue. This was mainly because 100g of wool was not enough to make a mans pair of boot socks out of DK. I reckon the blue spices them up a little though. What do you think?

I am fairly happy with how they turned out. They are off in the post tomorrow, I hope the recipient will like them. I will be back very soon, I have some new socks on the needles, my hand dyed socks to update you with (they have been delayed for various birthday socks) and my leftover wool baby blanket. I also will show you our new fence.

I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed your bank holiday (if you are in the UK that is).

Until next time, happy crafting!


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