New projects!

Hey everyone,

Last time we spoke I mentioned that I had no projects on the needles and I didn’t even know what to cast on…. I know terrible right? Well since then I have cast on a couple of projects. I couldn’t decide so I cast on a sock with my hand dyed yarn (see here) and a baby blanket using the leftover yarn from this project.

So first up the socks. I dyed this yarn a while back now, and for one reason or another it has taken me this long to cast it on! When I dyed it I was hoping for single row stripes, and thankfully my plan worked! Here is the beginning of a sock, next to the skein it is being knitted from.

It is kind of hard to see the stripes here…. but they are definitely present! They are single row stripes as I hoped.

Next up I cast on a baby blanket using leftover wool. I am planning for a rainbow colour order. Here it is so far.


For this I cast on 120 stitches onto 4mm needles. I am doing 6 row stripes with a 5 stitch garter border on each side. I am following a pattern from this ravelry project which I found via Pinterest. My blanket has a little way to go yet, but I am hoping that one day it will be as lovely as the one in the link!

Happy knitting everyone 🙂


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