A finished blanket!

Hello everyone,

How are you all?

So today I have a finished project for you. I cast on (is that the correct word for crochet… possibly not) my crochet ripple blanket at the end of last year and I can announce it is finally done! For this blanket I used the Attic 24 Ripple pattern and I used her cottage colour pack and colour order. The yarn within the pack is stylecraft DK in 15 different colours, one ball of each.

In the end I only did 64 out of the 84 colour stripes in the pattern, because my blanket was huge enough already and I reckon if I did the rest of them, I could probably drown in my blanket (not that this is a bad thing!). I did have enough yarn left for the rest of the stripes though. I also didn’t do a border, because I am quite happy with it as it is, but maybe in the future I will add one in. So anyway, enough chatter… do you want to see? Here it is in all of its glory.


Happy, happy, happy!


4 thoughts on “A finished blanket!

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