Work in progress update

Hello everyone,

How are you on this lovely spring day? We have been having a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday we watched the last three matches of the six nations rugby. I knitted on my cardigan the entire day and it was blissful. I made good progress, I knit a good four inches of the body. Perfect knitting for watching TV. No concentration required. I am very pleased with this and how it is working out. I love the colour, I love the lace, and I have tried it on and it fits perfectly. I will continue to make progress on this, picking it up and adding a few rows to it here and there.


Aside from that, I have also been working on my crochet ripple blanket. It is growing well, and it is almost as long as our bed (it isn’t for here, but it was a good place to take a photo). I am 26 colours away from a finished blanket. I am not necessarily going to do all of the remaining rows, but we shall see. I might see how long it gets and stop when I feel it is right. This is going to be my project of choice today. I hope to get a lot done on it.


What projects do you have on the needles/ hooks/ sewing machines today? I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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