A new project

Hello everyone,

So a few days ago I was very mean and said I was about to cast on a new project, but didn’t tell you what it was. Well I am now going to let you in on the secret (not that it was really a secret… but still)!

So, the project I cast on was a new cardigan, in fact the Lush cardigan by tincanknits. I have been eyeing this cardigan up for ages, in fact ever since I first saw it. I have no idea why it took me so long to cast this on, well I finally have and I am loving it. The pattern has an unusual construction in the fact that you start with the lace yoke, and then pick up stitches above and below for the rest of the cardigan.

I have so far done the lace panel, this then had to be blocked. Here is the lace panel, what do you think?


I think the hardest thing about this was trying to pin it out to the correct proportions (width wise), it took a lot of yanking. But I can report that it is now dry and it looks great (possible bias here). I am now off to pick up the stitches to make the collar.

I already can’t wait to be wearing this! Got a little knitting to go first though.


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