Some new socks and a ripple update

Hello everyone,

How are you? All is well here, been a bit busy, but still making lots of time for knitting and other crafting. The weather has been miserable here today, so after I have finished this post I am going to go and curl up under a blanket and cast on a new project (more about that soon).

First up though I want to share with you a recently finished object.

My other half has been requesting his fourth pair of socks for a while now, and for one reason or another they kept getting put off. Well I finally have them finished and he is really happy about this! I made him a pair of plain vanilla socks, casting on 72 stitches (pattern my own creation) on 2.5 mm dpn’s (my preferred sock making method). He has UK size 10 feet so they can often feel like they are never ending socks. The first one seemed like it took forever, probably not helped by the fact I was knitting them on a train journey that felt never ending. The second one, thankfully, flew along with greater speed. And because of this, I can now share with you the finished item!


As well as finishing these, I have also been working on another project. This is my crochet ripple blanket, created using the cottage yarn pack from Attic 24 and the Attic 24 ripple blanket. This blanket is getting really big and it is a pleasure to work on as it keeps me really warm. I have (I think) 56 colours done. The pattern suggests 84, but I think this will be too many. It is already really long, so I reckon I will stop at 70 ish. So here it is so far. It is super colourful, super warm and a pleasure to work on. What more can I ask for from a project?


This thing is getting harder to photograph with every stripe. It now no longer fits on my living room floor, so I might need to find a new photographing space. Hopefully the next time you see it it will be a finished blanket!

Now I have finished my socks and I am making good progress on my blanket, I am about to cast something new on (as soon as this is written). I can’t wait to start it. But I am going to leave you in suspense, and will share on my next blog post.

Happy crafting!



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