A finished rabbit

Hello everyone,

As it is the first day of Spring officially in the UK, I thought I would share with you my finished Spring related project, a little bunny I am gifting to my mum for Easter.

The rabbit was made following the pattern by fuzzymitten available here. I followed the pattern for the long ears, and I chose to knit a dress. I added a little pompom tail and a little ribbon. I also added little black shoes with laces.

The yarn is debbie bliss cashmerino in ecru and black. It is ridiculously soft and a pleasure to work with!

I am really happy with how she turned out. She was quick to make and I think she turned out quite adorable. What do you think?


I chose a spring like colour for her dress, made up using some leftover sock yarn. I used the same yarn for her bow.ย IMG_9877

This view shows off her pom pom tail and her floppy ears.

I am over the moon with how she turned out, and I hope my mum is too.


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