A new hat!

Hello everyone,

How are you? Have you got any good plans for the weekend?

I have a project to share with you that I actually made last weekend, this is a new hat. I decided I wanted a bobble hat, so I looked into my stash and dug out some Rowan Alpaca colour that my other half bought for me one birthday. I had it in two colours and decided it would be a great hat. For the pattern I used Gather by tincanknits. The hat used a smocking stitch, this was completely new to me so it was good fun learning it. I think the effect of it is great, and I really love this hat. I think the stitch would look lovely on some mittens, and also a little jumper. Don’t you think? This hat has been well road tested and I can confirm it is as soft and warm as it looks!


It did a great job of keeping my ears warm on a windy walk around the lake, I reckon the bobble adds to the warmth of it.IMG_9857

A close up of the smocking stitch. It was so easy to do and it looks so magnificent.


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