Mitten repair

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you a tip on how to repair a mitten thumb. A few days ago I went out for a walk at lunch time and was a bit confused as to why I had a cold thumb when I was wearing mittens. Well I looked down and saw that I had a hole in the thumb of my favourite pair of mittens. I was absolutely gutted because I really love them. I carefully took them off and put them in my pocket. When I got home that evening I started to fix them. So here is the hole, I am not sure what happened, but I can only imagine a stitch snapped. They had been fine up until this point, so who knows!

photo 1

As you can see, it was quite a hole! So, I decided to be very brave about it. So here is what I did (sorry there are a lack of pictures from this point, I was too busy concentrating). I luckily had a little of this yarn left – I also made a hat with my original 100g skein, so you can imagine there really wasn’t much left! The little that is left is there to the right of the hole.

First up, I threaded a lifeline below the hole, where I originally joined the thumb to the mitten. I checked the pattern (maize by tincanknits) to make sure I was picking up the correct number of stitches. To insert a lifeline, make sure you only pick up one leg of the knit stitch v. I chose to pick up the right hand side only. After my life line was in, I then did the brave part. I cut off the thumb, just below the hole – I had my heart in my mouth at this point, cutting into a finished object, even one with a hole is terrifying). I then unraveled the yarn back to my lifeline. Then, with my leftover yarn, I picked up the stitches from my lifeline and re knit the thumb. Once I had finished the thumb, I then held my breathe and pulled the lifeline out. And, I am happy to announce, I now have a brand new thumb 😀 And, importantly, I also have some leftover yarn in case the same happens to the other mitten. I now can’t work out which one I redid, so I am very happy with this.

photo 2

You see the old thumb at the top right?? The threads on the left are my unraveled ends. I was very happy with the outcome, and happy to announce, my thumb is now warm again!

I hope this post provides you with some confidence if you have a mitten with a holey thumb, lurking at the bottom of your to do pile. It really isn’t that hard, and you will soon be reunited with a favourite pair of mittens.




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