Finished object Friday

Hello everyone,

Another weekend is upon us. This week has flown by for me, so I am surprised but delighted to see this weekend. I have a couple of finished objects to share with you today. The first you have seen before and heard the story, the second is just something I cast on on a whim and am sharing with you for the first time.

So first up, you may recall me mentioning that I was tasked with making two pairs of socks by the end of February. This task was only given to me three weeks ago, and I am delighted to be able to share with you two finished pairs of socks! Both pairs were made using scrap yarn, so I am not sure what they are. One pair is a UK size 10, the other is a UK size 4. They will be heading of to their new home soon. Here they are.


I am very pleased with how the came out. My favourites are the orange/ green ones. Next up as a sock recipient is my other half. I have the wool picked out so will get these started this weekend.

The second FO I have to share with you today is something you hadn’t heard of. Last weekend the weather was terrible and I decided that I wanted to knit something instantly gratifying (something men’s socks/ single bed size blanket were not), so I picked on a baby cardigan. The pattern I chose was the Lillie baby cardigan and I used some aran weight yarn from my stash. The pattern has a lovely lace element and it was so quick to knit up. I made it in about 4 hours. Perfect, quick, gratification project! This little cardigan has gone into my stash of pre-knitted gifts. I am at the age now where my friends are having children, so I am sure it won’t be long before this is gifted. I picked out three lilac buttons from my button collection as I thought they were a perfect colour for this grey. The cardigan is sized 0-3 months. I made it a little longer than the pattern and I did short arms in the hope that it fits for a little longer. Here it is.


My works in progress are now at only one (my attic 24 ripple blanket), so to rectify this I think I am going to cast on a hat this weekend, as well as my other halves socks. What are your crafting plans for the weekend?


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