Work’s in progress

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? It is happily now the weekend in my little corner of the world. I am not long home from work and thought I would settle down with my blanket and a slice of cake and update you all on my various crafting WIPs. The weather is dismal and it is supposedly even worse tomorrow, so I can foresee much knitting, hiding under blankets and cake eating in my weekend plans!

Linking on from that… the first WIP I want to share with you is my crochet, Attic 24 blanket. I am working on this as often as I can and it is happily growing. Isn’t it wonderful how when you knit on something, it grows? It is currently at 35 colours, 69 rows and I am really happy with it. Here is a picture of it folded up.


It is now at the stage that when I work on it, it is warm and blanket sized. This is a perfect project to be working on when it is a bit cold and wet outside. And in fact, I think this is the project I will be pulling out to work on this evening. The colours make me so happy and the blanket makes me so warm!

The other WIPs I have on the go currently are socks. Now you may or may not remember me mentioning that my boyfriend’s sister asked for two pairs of socks. One for her and one for her boyfriend. They wanted warm socks for when they visit America in a couple of weeks. Well I duly obliged and my fingers have been furiously flying through socks to get them done in time! I now have three out of the four socks done, not bad considering she only asked me two weeks ago. If I play my cards right I could have them done by next week, plenty of time to post them up to her. I am using a variety of leftover yarn for these socks, in the colours that they like. Here is my progress so far.



The sizes for these socks are UK sized 4 (orange and green) and UK sized 10 (blue and grey). Needless to say…. the blue ones are taking a lot longer to work up!! Hopefully I can get the other one done soon. My next project after that… my UK sized 10 socks, this time for my other half.

What are your crafting plans for the weekend ahead?


4 thoughts on “Work’s in progress

    • Thank you 🙂 I hope the recipient loves them too. To make them I simply did four rows stripes of the orange and then four rows of the green. A very easy way to make two balls of yarn go a bit further whilst creating something fun. 🙂

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