Yarn dyeing take two

Hello everyone,

We are having some cold, windy days at the moment. It is times like this I am glad that I can wrap myself and my loved ones up in wool! It really does help keep you warm. When I spoke to you last time I mentioned that I had dyed some more yarn and I promised I would share it with you soon. Well here is the story of my second adventure in yarn dyeing!

After my first adventure into yarn dyeing, I was desperate to give it another go. So I bought myself a skein of yarn to dye. I had only a very limited number of Kool Aid sachets left, so I went with what I had. In this case I used four packets of Kool Aid, two orange shades (orange and peach mango) and two red shades (cherry and tropical punch). I decided to experiment with how I dyed it. So this time I put half my skein in one pot, and half in the other. I added orange in one pot and red in the other. Want to see?


To get the yarn between the two pots, a bit had to stay out of the dye. To prevent this from remaining undyed, I periodically put it into the dye pot by pulling it in, therefore, taking some of the stuff from the pot out. This meant that all of the yarn took colour up. I left it simmering away gently for about 4o minutes until the dye was exhausted. I then let it sit in the warm water for a bit before rinsing it. I then allowed it to dry (hung on a hanger over the shower rail), and after a few days I was left with this.


These are not the usual colours I dye with, but I am excited to play with this skein. It reminds me of really vivid sunsets! I am secretly hoping that this skein gives me one row stripes in socks, but we shall see. It will probably just give me a random splatter of colour. Either way I do not mind! We will have to wait and see as to what it produces, as currently I am knitting two other pairs of socks. I was asked to knit a women’s and men’s pair of socks by my other half’s sister to be ready by the end of Feb. Gulp! Better get knitting. Here is the start of the women’s pair.


I have a fair way to go as you can see so I better get knitting! With these socks and my crochet ripple blanket, I have a lot to keep me occupied. I hope you have lots of nice crafts to keep you busy.


5 thoughts on “Yarn dyeing take two

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    • Hello 🙂 This time I used araucania ranco in the colourway 2109. It is a light cream colour, very near to completely natural. For my first dye attempt I used zitron trekking undyed. Both worked really well and absorbed the dye really well. Hope that helps! I think realistically as long as you use anything wool/ natural fibre based that is very light in colour you will be fine. From what I have read, it is possible to overdye darker colours, but you obviously can’t get such an array of colours which you can with undyed/ light yarn.

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