Works in progress – including hand dyed sock

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing today?

I thought I would update you with the projects I have on the needle/ hook. I am currently being restrained and only have two projects on the go. The first of these is my crochet ripple blanket (pattern by Attic24, colourway Cottage yarn pack, also by Attic 24). I have now crocheted 34 rows (17 colours). I am loving the colours as this blanket progresses and I always can’t wait to see what the next colour brings. So here it is so far. What do you think?


Aren’t the colours glorious? They make me sing with happiness! So that is the project that is on the hook, I also have one project on the needles. That is my hand dyed zigzagular socks. I cast them on the other day and I have enjoyed watching the yarn unfurl itself. It was fascinating to see what my Kool Aid adventures would knit up like. Want to see too? Well here it is, the first sock of the pair.


I am very happy with how it turned out. I love the colours and I love the random way they come out around the sock. I really enjoyed making this and I am looking forward to making its pair. Oh, and another skein of undyed yarn may have found its way into my possession… funny how yarn can do that! I am dreaming up a colour combination for that one, I will of course share it with you once it has been dyed!

I hope you have lovely afternoons planned (or mornings if you are on that side of the world). I am off to work some more crochet ripples.


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