Kool aid yarn dyeing

Hello everyone,

So today’s topic…. yarn dyeing! First of all. How had I not already done this! It is so much fun. I have only done one skein so far and I am hooked! I can’t remember when I suddenly decided that I wanted to dye some wool myself. But either way, after a bit of googling it seemed that using the American drink Kool Aid was a great way for beginners to start learning. So for Christmas my other half bought me some Kool aid and some undyed sock yarn.


The process itself was really easy. Kool Aid contains a lot of citric acid, so this means that the dye will be able to fix itself to the wool, an acid dye technique. So all you need to do is choose your colour (note go by the colour in the glass, not the colour of the packet), choose your yarn and go! I picked three colours, a purple, a red and a blue and off I went. As this was my first time and I really didn’t know what I was doing, I followed the tutorial I found here. It was very good and walked me through the whole process. So supplies gathered, tutorial found and off I went. So much fun was had! So want to see how it turned out? Well first up we have a picture of it simmering away in the pot.


Aren’t those colours lovely? After this photo I actually added some more red (a darker shade) into the middle as there was a little too much white left. So after it had simmered away for a bit I then took it out, rinsed until the water was clean, and then started the drying process.


Look at those colours, aren’t they fab! It spent a couple of days hanging out about the shower drying out and eventually I ended up with this ๐Ÿ˜€

I am over the moon with how it turned out. There is a little white left in the skein but I think it will work out really well. I am going to turn this into a pair of zigzagular socks. Keep watching to see how it knits up! I can’t wait to start it!


8 thoughts on “Kool aid yarn dyeing

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  2. This looks amazing. I love the colours. I have the perfect yarn for this project. The only thing I am worried about is that the colours might run once you wash what you’ve knitted. Do you find that? If you make a sweater and you wash it, do the colours stay the same? Thank you!


    • This is the first time I have dyed using Kool Aid. But what I will say is after the dyeing process I rinsed the wool and no colour ran out of it at all. So I would say that you would be fine. There is so much citric acid in the Kool Aid that this allows the colour to set fast on the wool. From reading around on the subject it suggests that the colour could fade a little over the years, but I think that would be the same as many commercially dyed yarn too. I think you should go for it!

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