A finished elephant

Hello everyone,

Happy Sunday to you all 🙂

Today I have a finished object to share with you.  A friend is having a baby in March so I decided to make the baby a toy, I will probably also make a hat…. but for now the toy at least is done. I used the elephant pattern from the book Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen. I used random stash grey DK yarn for this. It is a dark grey, I think it is Hayfield Bonus DK but I am not 100% sure. The elephant knitted up quickly, and it was an enjoyable pattern. Although it definitely takes a while to sew up at the end! I stuffed it tightly and I am very happy with the finished object. So here it is. I didn’t want to add the tusks, I decided it looked better without… so it is going to be a she called Olivia.

She is quite big, about 40 cm high and is super squashy. I hope she will be a nice companion with the baby as it grows!

I will be back in a few days with some yarn dyeing…. I have been experimenting with Kool aid today, stay tuned to see the outcome!


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