Happy new year

Hello everyone,

Happy new year! So 2016 huh? Hasn’t that crept up on us! 2015 has absolutely flown by. I hope you had a good 2015, but here is hoping 2016 is even better. I thought I would share with you some of my crafting projects from 2015, and then some of my crafting goals for 2016. So first of all, here are some of my favourite creations from 2015.

I think from these I can see that knitting is by far my favourite, although this year has seen me learn to sew, so some sewing projects are beginning to appear in my crafting life. I think my favourite project this year was definitely my mini stocking advent calendar, I am already looking forward to putting them up again next year.

So crafting plans for next year…. well I would like to sew more, practice my colourwork knitting and improve my crochet skills. I have started trying to improve my crochet skills by casting on a attic 24 blanket using the cottage yarn pack. We shall see how this goes!

Here is to a wonderful, crafty 2016.



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