Busy in Santa’s workshop

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all looking forward to the holiday 🙂 If you are anything like me though you will be ignoring the fact that it is a week tomorrow as you will be buried in crafting projects/ shopping/ being busy! Today I have a few Christmas knits to share with you, none of the recipients know about my blog so I am free to share with you!

The first of these is a knitted toy raccoon that was requested. The recipient found the pattern in a magazine (the Prima magazine to be exact) and thought it was really sweet and asked me to make it. She requested that it be in the yarn shown in the magazine (debbie bliss cashmerino DK). The pattern was a bit strange, and unless requested to I probably wouldn’t make it again. It was all knitted flat, with the body and the head knitted as one long piece… from the bottom of the back up to the top of the head and then down to the bottom of the body. It was all a bit weird, but it did end up looking like the picture, so I guess that is good at least! The yarn was a dream to work with, so soft! Thankfully I doubt it will need much washing as I am not sure how that yarn would hold up to a trip in the washing machine, but as the recipient is an adult with no children, I think it will be okay. So, without further ado…. here is the finished raccoon.


I couldn’t get his face to look right whatever I did, so he ended up with button eyes. As he isn’t for a child this is fine. The ribbon around him adds a nice festive touch don’t you think?

Right the next Christmas gift I have finished (well actually gifts) is a hat and mitten set. This is for my brother’s girlfriend. I didn’t know what to get her so I decided to make a nice chunky bobble hat, and with the leftover wool I made some matching mittens. I used katia peru yarn (a delightful mix of wool, acrylic and alpaca) and my gosh is it soft! The hat itself used a ball and a bit. I got the hat out of a ball, but the bobble used up some of the next ball! The mittens used the remaining yarn. The hat is so warm and I hope it will be well received, even if our weirdly warm weather doesn’t allow her to wear the set for a while! So…. here they are!


I hope you are almost done with your Christmas crafting!  I will be back soon to share some more festive joy with you 🙂


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