Beach glass Christmas trees

Hello everyone,

I have a different craft to share with you today. Last week I was lucky enough to visit a beach and whilst I was wondering along the sand bits of beach glass kept catching my eye. I decided to pick them up and thought they might be fun to do a bit of crafting with later.IMG_9684

We actually amassed quite a collection. We mainly picked up whites and greens but a few other colours slipped in too. The picture above is just a few pieces of the glass. Isn’t it pretty?


Once we had got back and warmed up a bit we decided to have a go at making some Christmas tree decorations. To do this we assembled our glass into shapes, Christmas trees and one snowman. We then used some strong glue suitable for glass and glued them together. We left them to set for 16 hours as required and we then glued some string to the back so we could hang them up.


Here is the finished article. Some of them are a bit squint and some are far from perfect tree shapes. But, it was good fun and I can’t wait to put them on the tree. It would be a good craft to try with any kids. Not only do you get them out on a nice walk, but then you can keep them entertained on a rainy afternoon putting them together!

Do you have any fun Christmas crafting planned?


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