A mystery solved

Evening all,

With all the goings on in the world this has been a somber weekend. I have been taking comfort in my yarn and keeping my loved ones close. My thoughts are with everyone.

To keep my mind on happier things, I have been  finishing my mystery knit a long. This has been a 6 week long project with a new clue being released every week. I have looked forward to the clue every week, and I am now going to have a red panda shaped hole in my week…. yes that is right, the mystery turned out to be a red panda! So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Russell the red panda, the kung fu red panda no less.


He has a wonderful little karate Gi, this was made in 4ply white yarn. The trousers have a hole for his stripy tail. Isn’t that tail adorable?


He has a lovely smile, all embroidered on to an intarsia face. The face was the trickiest part of the design, with some rows involving working with four colours. The whole toy was knitted flat.


Underneath he is mainly black, with a russet coloured back as red pandas do. Overall I think he is absolutely adorable. I am now trying to work out if I can part with him! He is currently keeping me company on the sofa whilst I decide.

Happy knitting everyone 🙂


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