More socks….

Hello all,

I promise that I do knit more than socks…. I just seem to always have a pair of socks on the go! They are just easy to pick up and take everywhere, and currently I like to have a pair for lunchtime knitting. The pair of socks I have most recently finished remind me of spring, something I realise is a long time away, but the colours remind me of it never the less! Least they will help keep my feet warm whilst waiting for spring to arrive.

I used two different yarns for this sock, the first and main colour is shade 247 Mondial Ciao superwash, an italian yarn. I decided to use a contrast yarn for the rib, heel and toe in the hope I can get two pairs out of the yarn. The contrast yarn I used is some leftover rowan fine art in the raven colour way. I really like how the darker contrast brings out the lighter colours of the main sock yarn. Now I have finished these I am going to start the second pair. I am going to use a dark blue for the contrast with the aim of giving them to my mum for Christmas. So here they are šŸ™‚



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