Baby monster pants

Hello everyone and happy Halloween to those who celebrate.

How are you all doing? Have you managed to get lots of crafting time in over the last week? I have been creating some baby monster pants for my friend’s baby. She saw the pattern ages ago and asked me to make them. I couldn’t resist. They are only little so didn’t take too long to create. I used three varieties of DK yarn (sorry not sure of the names) and I followed the pattern from here. They are super cute and I can’t wait to see a picture of them on her little boy.


They have a little drawstring cord going around the top. I crocheted a chain for this using the light green yarn. I simply tied the ends of the chain in a triple knot so the cord couldn’t escape through the yarn over holes created for it.


The back of the pants have short rows which allow the mouth to be created. Aside from creating the mouth they mean that there is room for a nappy. The face gets added afterwards. I really need to work on my duplicate stitching! But my theory is a baby is never going to notice good or bad stitching. I made the 6-12 month size. He is a small 7 month old so these should fit for a good while. I simply can’t wait to see him in these 🙂


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