A finished Flax

Afternoon all,

What a lovely autumnal day we are having in the South of England. With an extra hour too thanks to the clocks going back! I feel very lucky. I hope you are all having equally good days. We have been on a nice woodland walk this morning, taking in the whole array of colours that nature has put on for us. It is so lovely being out and about in the sunshine, breathing in the nice autumn smelling air. We had a lovely walk, here are a couple of photos from our woodland meander.

IMG_9620 IMG_9631


It was such a lovely walk, I do so love autumn. As well as enjoying our walk, we also stopped to take a picture of my finished Flax jumper! I started this a while ago but I ran out of yarn with only half a sleeve to go. I knew it was getting close but I really hoped I could finish it. Never mind! I ordered a new ball and it arrived a few days ago allowing me to finish it up. Without further ado, here is my finished Flax jumper. I am very happy with it! It is very warm and the yarn (Women’s institute soft and smooth – purple aran) is lovely and soft and warm.


Until next time knitters! I hope you have made the most of your extra hour.


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