Some new monsters!

Hello all,

I hope you have some fun projects on the go. I have another finished object to share with you. This time I have a pair of socks! I started these back in September after my other half won a haul of leftover sock yarn on eBay. I was so delighted with it all that I thought the first pair of socks should most definitely be his. So I delved into the piles of yarn and pulled out some blue/ green yarns (three to be exact) and some grey for the rib, heel and toes. For these I cast on 72 stitches on 2.5mm needles and knit the cuffs until I got fed up on untangling three strands of yarn. Seriously… the knots I managed to get myself in if I wasn’t paying attention to managing my yarn! I did one row stripes of each of the colours in turn leading to a fun blended effect. There were lots of ends on these but I think the overall effect is worth it! They fit my other half perfectly so I am happy with that. I am afraid I have no yarn details for these colours and I made up the pattern. But you could do the same easily with leftover yarn. Just pick a few colours you like, something coordinating for the heel etc if you want, pick a plain sock pattern and stripe away! Then voila you can also have a pair of socks like this!

IMGP1510 IMGP1512


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