Leftover socks (well sock anyway!)

Evening all,

Following my last post…. autumn has well and truly landed! So grey and damp! Thank goodness for bright hand knitted goodies. Over the last few days I have been working on a pair of socks for my other half. I now have one sock! Well least that is one of his feet warmed huh? Better get cracking on the other for him as it is getting colder by the day.

These socks are another pair of monster socks and they are made up of four leftovers. Three blue/ green and one grey. My other half bought be 2.7 kg of leftover sock wool on ebay (isn’t he awesome) so I thought it was only fair that he got the first pair. So without further ado…. here is sock number one!


For these socks I cast on 72 stitches on 2.5 mm needles. My other half has UK sized 10 feet. I did the rib, heel and toe in grey and then alternated the blue/green yarns for one row each in the main body of the sock. The one issue with this kind of sock is it generates a lot of ends! There were 18 for this particular sock. Oh wells, ends aside…. I think this sock is most definitely worth it. It fits perfectly as well so can’t ask for more than that.My other half likes it a lot so I better get on with the next one so he can have a pair. I see many leftover socks in my future so watch this spot. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what else I can do with leftover sock wool?


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