Autumn bounty

Evening all,

Well there is no denying it…. autumn is definitely making an appearance! We can’t ignore it any longer, the days are shortening, there is a definite coolness in the air and the vegetation surrounding us is beginning to show the first signs. I always like the changing of the seasons as each brings something different. Winter brings the possibility of snow and clear frosty mornings. Spring brings new beginnings, baby birds nesting in our boxes and lambs in the field. Summer brings the potential of warm sunny days, beautiful flowers everywhere and light days. Autumn, well to me, autumn means a bountiful harvest from both the garden and the countryside and the beautiful foliage. I love all the seasons, but right now, I am loving autumn! I thought today I would share some photos of the bounty that autumn has provided so far.

photo 1

First up we have some wild plums and blackberries. We are lucky enough to have loads of wild plum trees around us and we have definitely made the most of them. I have a few kilos frozen in the freezer waiting to be made into spiced plum chutney. We have made crumble and plum compote. We have also harvested copious amounts of blackberries from the surrounding countryside and with these I have made blackberry jam and more crumble.

photo 2

Next up on our walks around the countryside we have found some wild apple trees. We have found some bramley apples and some normal apples. We have picked up a few windfalls to turn into an apple pie or some other tasty desert. Lathered with custard they are going to make a perfect pudding for a cold damp evening.

photo 3

Finally we have some lovely fresh veg from the garden (minus the apples – they are the windfall I mentioned above). I have picked the last of the beetroot, a few chillies (green and purple – our plants are finally flourishing after a slow start), some tomatoes which have fallen off (I am tempting these to ripen on a sunny windowsill), a butternut squash and a balmoral squash. Looking forward to turning these squash into something tasty this weekend.

So there you have it, some photos of the bounty autumn is currently providing us. I will be back with some knitting soon. Now the nights are getting darker and the temperature is cooling I have knitting happening left, right and centre!


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