A new dress in the works

Hello all,

So I haven’t had any sewing to share with you for a while but I finally do! For my birthday my other half bought me the most wonderful fabric, 2m of the stuff. I decided that I wanted to make a dress out of it. One of my friends has a wedding coming up so I decided I would make it to wear to that. The fabric is a blue and white print and I think it will go really well in a dress.


My first step in my sewing journey was to choose a pattern and start cutting! The pattern I chose was the full skirted dress from the sewing bee book. I’ve made it once before and I really like the finished dress.


Here I was at the beginning of the cutting process. The pattern calls for 2.5m of fabric but I managed to get all of the pieces cut out with some to spare. Last time I had so much that I managed to make an easy sew skirt also from the sewing bee book with the leftover fabric so I knew I would be safe with only 2m.

The pieces are now all cut out and waiting to be sewn together. Fingers crossed it all goes well, it has been a while!


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