New project in the pipeline

Hello all,

Autumn seems to have arrived in my little corner of the world. The nights are drawing in, the air is getting cold, blackberries are ripe, sloes are looking good and the birds are migrating. I get woken nearly evening morning to the sound of geese arriving/ leaving the lake near to my house. I really love autumn. Despite it signalling the end of Summer, it is definitely the most stunning season. The leaves put on a spectacular display, the skies are full of migrating birds and the trees and bushes provide such a bounty. I love all seasons for different reasons, but right now I am just ready for autumn. As part of that, as a knitter I need to make sure that myself and my loved ones have enough knitted objects to keep them warm. So I have decided that it is time to make a new jumper. This will be a nice simple jumper that is comfy and warm, and best of all the yarn I have put aside for it is in my favourite colour…. purple! I had a voucher for a free ball of women’s institute yarn from hobbycraft, and amazingly you could use it on their 400g ball’s of yarn. So I quickly snapped up a 400g ball (enough for a jumper) in purple. The wool is soft and squishy despite being 100% acrylic so I am hoping it should make a nice hard wearing jumper, perfect for keeping me warm over autumn and winter. Here is the wool, the colour is fairly accurate. What do you think?


Excuse the photo, it isn’t the best but I was trying to catch the last slither of sunshine before it disappeared behind the giant rain clouds! Since sitting down to write this post the sun has disappeared and the rain has arrived.

With this yarn I am planning to knit the Flax sweater from the Tincanknits simple collection. I think it will be perfect for a nice easy going jumper, and I am looking forward to knitting all the mindless stockinette whilst curled up watching some good films. I also love tin can knit patterns so I am more than happy to have another of their projects under my belt! Is anyone else currently knitting or about to knit a jumper? I would love to hear about any projects you have on the needles/ hook/ sewing machine.


2 thoughts on “New project in the pipeline

  1. That yarn is so gorgeous! I am a sucker for deep shades of purple yarn. Its such a rich color, and makes any pattern seem so much more sophisticated. I’m sure whatever you make will come out gorgeous ❤


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