Half finished….

Hello all,

Today I seem to have a lot of half finished objects to share with you. I have three works in progress (WIPs) currently and all seem to be half done! Why this is good as I have been progressing all three equally, it saddens me that I don’t have any finished yet so I can allow myself to cast on something else. I seem to be having a bout of cast-on-itis recently. Do any of you get that? It is a terrible illness, one which sends non-knitters/ crafters away scratching their heads. Despite this I am determined to finish at least one or two of my WIPs before I cast on another one of the projects floating around in my head. So in an attempt to distract myself from casting on more objects I thought I would share my progress with you.

The first I am going to show you is a half fingered glove. The pattern is called leafy fingerless gloves and it uses 4ply. I am using the leftover 4ply from my hat I shared with you the other week. The pattern is delightful to work up and it is very well explained. This is the first time I have ever attempted separate fingers on gloves and I must say I am delighted with how it turned out 😀 It didn’t take too long to work up and I think the finished result is wonderful. By the way, any one else find it tricky to take a picture of your own hand? Us knitters have to do some strange stuff! Needless to say I didn’t succeed so I just took a picture of the glove. Hopefully I will soon have a pair of these to show you. It is getting cooler by the day here, so who knows… I may be wearing them soon!


The next object I have to show you is this sock. This is just a plain vanilla sock made using some yarn my mum got me for Christmas. It isn’t the usual colours I would choose but I am super happy with how it turned out. I can’t remember the name of the yarn off the top of my head and I seem to have misplaced the ball band. I will locate it and when I have finished them I will let you know what it is called.


The final object (well objects really) I have to show you is progress on my mini sock advent calendar. I am now half way through and I still adore these little socks! I think my favourites so far are 1,4, 10 and 12. But really I like them all. I am now facing a problem though. It would seem the rest of my sock wools are either purple or blue in colour. It seems I could have some uneven colour distribution coming up. Besides this, I still think they will look charming all strung up. Very festive. Christmas is getting scaringly close, as is the first of December. I think I better get a wiggle on with these! In fact…. I might go and do one now!



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