I am in love…. with a pair of socks!

Hello all,

I admit it. The title of the post is true. I have fallen head over heels with a pair of socks. Am I mad? Well most non knitters would say yes, however, most knitters would think this is perfectly normal. You can make your mind up when you see them! I mentioned these the other week (see here) and I have finally got around to finishing them. So here it is, you can now make up your mind as to whether I am insane or normal for loving these socks!

IMGP0177 IMGP0179

They were made from two types of regia. I used the grey for the ribbing, heel and toe for a sense of continuity. I think they are super. My boyfriends sister wants them. I think I might hide them the next time she visits, just in case! For now, I will put them on my feet as much as possible (in this summer it shouldn’t be hard!). I might even make myself a pair of short socks for the summer time 🙂

I will leave you to admire these socks/ run away thinking I am crazy. I will be back soon with some sewing and some more knitting 🙂 Have a lovely week everyone!


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