New project in the works

Hello all,

How are you all doing? I hope you had fabulous weekends.

Since finishing my blanket and my socks I have cast on a couple of projects. The first of these I will tell you about today. I decided I would look forward to when it starts getting a bit cooler. Now like most knitters, I have a fair few knitted accessories (hats, mittens etc). I did, however, decide that I wanted a new hat, a hat for cooler days that don’t quite require a worsted/ aran weight hat. So, I dug through my stash like any good knitter and pulled out a ball of 4ply perfection. I happened to have a ball of madeline tosh light 100% superwash merino in the baroque violet colourway. I had been saving it for something special. It was a present from my other half when we went to San Francisco in December with my work so I knew it had to be something nice that would remind me of that trip and allow me to feel the super soft wool on my skin. I decided against socks or a shawl/ scarf and went for something I knew I would wear all the time in winter. So with it I cast on for a hat and with the remainders I will make a pair of fingerless gloves. Here is my progress on the hat so far, aren’t the colours to die for? The wool is unbelievably squishy too, it is as much as I can do to knit it and not just squish it!


I don’t think this will take me long to knit. Despite being 4ply the rows are flying along. I am knitting it on 3.5mm needles from my interchangables (I got these as a present from work for passing my PhD viva).

I am very much looking forward to putting it on my head. I may never take it off it is so soft! I will be back soon with my other cast on. Until then, happy crafting.


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