A finished blanket!

Hello everyone,

I cast on this blanket in August 2013 with the idea of making a bed sized blanket using a mixture of crochet and knitted squares. Well today I finally finished it. I have a confession to make though….. it is most definitely not the size of a double bed! It turns out that I do not have the patience to sew together lots of tiny squares (10×10 cm).In the end I did 88 squares (8 x 11). This size is perfect for sitting under on the sofa, so I am happy with that.

I made the blanket in Sirdar Crofter DK in the Bracken colorway. I can’t remember exactly how many balls (50g) I used but I think it was around 10.5. The DK weight should make it nice to sit under in cooler temperatures.

I am extremely happy that this is finished as I am not a fan of having things sitting around for too long. I lost interest in this during the middle but I made myself work on it towards the end so that it could be used for this winter. So without further ado…. here it is! One finished blanket 😀


Isn’t it magical watching knitwear swing in the wind? Knowing that it will keep you warm when that wind turns cold!


A mixture of crochet and knitted squares. It turned out better than I thought it might when I began my blanket journey.

Overall….it may have taken a while but I am very happy with it! Am I itching to cast on another long term blanket? The answer…. not quite yet!


3 thoughts on “A finished blanket!

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  2. I love the colors and the design. I would never have the patience to sew together so many squares. I am sure you will enjoy your blanket 🙂


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