A finished cardigan

Hey crafters,

I have been making the most of the sunny weather today and I have finished my cardigan. I have been making the Caribou cardigan by Tin Can Knits. It has been nearly finished for a couple of days but we had a couple of busy evenings leading to no knitting time. This morning though, I grabbed my knitting and went and sat outside and did the button bands and then sewed on the buttons. Although it is a little too warm to wear right now, I am very happy with it and can see it getting a lot of use. So here it is,


It has a total of six buttons. I chose some dark wooden buttons for this to go with the colour of the yarn.


It has a cable pattern around the top of the cardigan, the rest is plain stockinette.


All in all, I love it! I will definitely make another one, it is sized all the way from newborn too a variety of adult sizes. I would definitely recommend the pattern, it is well written and easy to follow. I am now moving on to some socks, I hope you are having some enjoyable crafting times.


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