I passed!

Evening all,

A while ago I mentioned to you all that I had submitted my PhD thesis. Well yesterday I had my PhD viva. For those of you aren’t familiar with what this entails, it is essentially an interview/ defense about your work to a panel of two experts. They can last anywhere from 2- 7 hours. Mine lasted four and a half hours. But I walked out with a massive grin on my face as I passed with minor corrections, it is rare to get no corrections, so minors is the best thing you can hope for. This means that, pending these minor corrections, I am a Doctor of philosophy (well science in my case)!
Following this we have a traditional department celebration including champagne and gifts which the department put money towards. I felt truly overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity! I received a bouquet of chocolate, a set of interchangeable circular needles (:D), some sock wool and something to drink (much needed post viva). We then went out for a meal and some drinks I had an amazing time even if I was exhausted. Today, it has begun to sink in that I did it, and I have such a large grin on my face! I hope this is a moment I remember for the rest of my life. There may have been hurdles along the way, but it was definitely worth it now.

Here is me celebrating post viva with the super chocolate bouquet made by my friend (idea from here).


P.s. You can’t see it that well, but the dress I wore was the first dress I ever made (a few months back). I will blog about it one day soon. I absolutely love it. It also gave me so much confidence wearing something I made 🙂


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