New projects on the cards

Evening all,

I have two new projects on the mind, well I have many, but for now let us focus on two. So first of all let us talk sewing. A while ago I entered into the Simplicity Star Sewist competition. I received the skirt pattern and set it aside until I found some fabric/ had the time to go and get some. Well today I finally bought the fabric for this project. I am now the proud owner of this.


Isn’t it lovely? I am aiming for a nice spring/ summer skirt. So providing the sewing fairies are on my side I should be OK. Next up, I have also been planning a new knitting project. My mum has a birthday soon so I am going to make her a special pair of socks. She likes gardening so I have decided to knit her a pair of socks with a gardening inspired cuff. So this afternoon I sat down and put a chart together for them. This is based on a stitch count of 60. The chart and the wool I am using are below. They are going to be in her favourite colours, so fingers crossed she likes them!


I hope you are having a lovely crafty weekend. Hopefully it won’t be too long till you see the outcomes of these projects. Especially as my mums birthday is soon!

I hop


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