A rhubarb glut becomes jam!

Afternoon all,

What a wet and windy day we are having in my corner of England. A perfect day to stay inside knitting and in my case turning a kilo of fresh homegrown rhubarb into jam. Although I don’t yet have my own rhubarb plant (this will change in the autumn), I was very lucky to be given a kilo of freshly picked rhubarb yesterday by my family. I decided the best use of this was to turn it into jam. I followed a BBC good food recipe for rhubarb and vanilla jam and off I went.


The jam making went smoothly, it is always therapeutic watching the sugar dissolving in the fruit, I find it quite relaxing. So after a little while simmering, and a little time boiling rapidly it was time to put it into jars. When dealing with boiling hot liquid jam it is always worthy to take your time and be careful. I have suffered a few jam related burns before and wanted to avoid that this time! So after some careful distilling using a ladle and a jam funnel I had the following.


Four big jars and one small jar of beautiful tasty jam! It would be rude not to have tried it straight away, so of course I did. I had it on some fresh bread and it was amazing. I think I could have eaten the lot. I will share it with my family, but I could have eaten it all up. I am now looking forward to later in the season when I can make some more tasty jam. I can definitely see strawberry, plum and blackberry jams in my future!

Now that is made I am going to settle into a chair and do some knitting whilst listening to the howling wind. I think I may work on my sock advent calendar. Happy knitting all 🙂

P.s. as with all my posts, thoughts are my own and I only make and talk about things I want to and that I like!


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