Autumnal blanket

So of course now we are approaching the hopeful warmer months I am working on a blanket for autumn and winter! This is a blanket I started a couple of years ago now, and it can often be found languishing in a cupboard. I have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment whilst I look for a job so I thought it was only right that it got some work.
I am knitting and crocheting little squares (roughly 10 by 10 cm across) and all they don’t take long to make, I am finding the stitching together a bit laborious! As it stands, I currently have 81 squares completed, 72 of which are attached to the blanket. I am aiming for over 100 but I haven’t quite decided on the exact size. I will do a crochet border around the edge too. I am making the blanket using Sirdar crofter DK in the bracken colourway. The yarn is soft, squishy and hard wearing. Perfect for a blanket đŸ™‚ Here it is so far, I am sure that it will feature again on the blog, hopefully in the not so distant future when I finish it!




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