Seat cushions and an advent calendar

Evening all,

Haven’t we had some glorious weather recently? Lots of much needed sunshine, especially down in the South of England. I have been catching up with various family members (mine and my boyfriends) over the past few weeks. It has been nice to see everyone. Aside from catching up with everyone I have been fitting in some sewing, knitting, baking and swimming. I swim a lot as I find it relaxing and to keep fit. I swim with a regular group of swimmers and we have a great time. Yesterday I took on the swimathon 2015 challenge and I completed a 5 km swim in 1 hour and 37 minutes. Very pleased with that 🙂

Now enough of my rambling, onto some sewing and knitting! First up, I have a finished project to show you. A while ago I mentioned I was going to make some seat cushions for our hard dining rooms chairs. Well finally I have a complete set of four. Here they are:


I am almost completely happy with them, two of them are a little too big for the foam cushions so they get a little wrinkled. But do you know what? They are perfect for making the seats comfy, and that is all I wanted from them! And they are made entirely from leftover material, what could be better!

Now for some knitting. I have started a mini sock advent calendar, I am going to make 24 of these little socks and come Christmas I am going to hang them up and fill them with advent presents for my other half. It will keep him happy as he doesn’t have an advent calendar, and it will keep me happy as I will get to see pretty yarn adorning the walls. Win win! I have made three so far, so ta da!


I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, I am about to have a roast and then an evening of knitting is ahead of me. Blissful.


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