Seat covers and mystery knitting

Hello everyone,
I hope you are well. Things have quietened down here, I have submitted my thesis and am now enjoying some much needed relaxing. First on my list is making seat cushions for our dining table chairs. It is a table and chair set from Ikea and the chairs have needed seat covers for a while now. So I set my other half cutting out some foam into the shape of the seats and I set about cutting out the fabric I wanted to cover them. I am using two different fabrics, some Ikea bird fabric for one side, and some teal circle fabric from John Lewis for the other side. The fabric and foam have been cut out and I will soon sew them. I plan to put zips along the side so I can remove the foam to wash them. Here is what I have so far.

IMGP8685 IMGP8693

The photograph on the right shows the fabrics I will be using. Soon they will be attached and my sewing will be far more pleasurable as I will have something comfy to sit on!

I also have an update on the mystery knitting I am doing. I am participating in an Mkal by the Fuzzymitten and I have caught up with the first four clues. This is how my little guy is shaping up, I am happy with him so far. I wonder what he will turn into?



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