Vorticity and monsters

Morning all,

Yes that may be a bit of an odd post title, even more so if I told you this post was only about knitted socks! The Vorticity part is easy to understand as that is a pattern name I have thrown around a few times (a sock pattern from the book Socktopus), the monsters? That may need a little bit more explaining! Let us first of all begin with Vorticity.

This is a lovely pattern that I have been eyeing up for a while. I received some special yarn from my boyfriend for my last birthday, and I knew it would be perfect for this pattern. The yarn is Rowan fine art in the 314 Rowan colour way, aka the most beautiful mixture of purple shades. Vorticity is a lace pattern, with the suggested needle being 2mm in size. The smallest DPNs I have ever knitted a pair of socks on were 2.5mm so this was a bit of a shock for me, it was like knitting with cocktail sticks! The sock did not go off with the best of starts, within about 20 rows I had snapped one of my flimsy bamboo needles. I plowed on with my remaining four needles (three cheers for sets of five DPNs) and despite a few issues along the way (extra stitches appearing from nowhere) I ended up with a sock that I love.

Vorticity sockThis sock as of now remains as a singletonĀ as this is not a relaxing sit in front of the TV knit! I am currently in the final throws of writing a PhD thesis so non stressful knitting is essential. I had a busy start to the week and couldn’t face starting the companion for this sock just yet, so I cast on some 3×1 rib socks to provide care free knitting. Now readers, here is where the monsters come in! These are socks that are composed entirely of other sock leftovers hence the name monsters. I have made two pairs of monstersocks already and I love how you can use up a load of leftovers and still end up with something beautiful. I like most sock knitters have a fair few scraps so I can see a load more of these in my future. As for now, here is what I have to show you, lots of colours coming together and these little beauties are providing cheer and stress free knitting, perfect mindless knitting for watching the final of the sewing bee tonight! Who do you think is going to win? My mind says Neil but I would love Matt the ‘underdog’ to win. Whoever does win though will deserve it as they are all fantastic sewers and all such lovely people. I am definitely sad that tonight is the last episode, fingers crossed there will be another series next year!

IMG_1468I hope you all have a lovely day, not long till the weekend, fingers crossed the nice weather holds out!


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